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  • Tunde Oye

We are all warriors (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Over the 2019 memorial day weekend I took my daughter to We Rise LA, a yearly recurring event, run by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health that seeks to address mental health crisis in Los Angeles. The crisis is of course worldwide, and it’s always been there, but it’s just now that we’re slowly bringing it out of the closet. Very slowly. Most don’t want to talk about it because of the extremely judgmental, disconnected society we live in that thrives on facades held up precariously by destructive coping mechanisms. A mostly mentally unhealthy society, which is the biggest reason battling back to healthy mental health is extremely challenging. It’s hard enough battling our inner dialogue without our adversary being reinforced from without.

We are all warriors, and there are no “weak” warriors. We come into this world as peace warriors, with unconditional love as our foundation, living life from inside out, in total harmony with our being. We come ready to learn tools to survive in the environment we’ve been born into. Tools that either keep us peace warriors, or enslave us to being pain warriors. Tools that determine our emotional and physical intelligence.

Two Kinds of Intelligence

There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired, as

a child in school memorizes facts and concepts from

books and from what the teacher says, collecting

information from the traditional sciences as well as

from the new sciences. With such intelligence you

rise in the world. You get ranked ahead or behind

others in regard to your competence in retaining

information. You stroll with this intelligence in

and out of fields of knowledge, getting always more

marks on your preserving tablets.

There is another kind of tablet, one already

completed and preserved inside you. A spring

overflowing it’s springbox. A freshness in the center

of the chest. This other intelligence does not turn

yellow or stagnate. It’s fluid, and it doesn’t move

from outside to inside through conduits of

plumbing-learning. This second knowing is a fountainhead

from within you, moving out.” Rumi

To be emotionally and physically intelligent is to commit and submit our freewill to living life from the inside out. The communications and feedback from within, with regards to our emotional and physical needs, and the choices we make to satisfy them are never superfluous, always unconditional loving, always non judgmental, always about sustaining life through pain avoidance, with no attempt whatsoever to enslave our freewill. To be in harmony with our “fountainhead” is to make choices from the same mindset. Our parents/care givers do their best in shaping our minds, which houses our thoughts, with what they know, but, unfortunately, most of what they know leave us with varying levels of disconnect from our being, and, depending on our level of disconnect, we live with the life energy of peace/pain, pain/peace, or pain warriors, with the last being the most disconnected. Mostly resigning to our way of being due to not knowing that we have a choice, looking in the mirror is too painful, or not wanting to disappoint others. Our never ending pain comes from the fact that our "fountainhead" within will never be shut down, so, when we resign to our disconnect, it’s a painful subversion of our truth that requires a whole lot of destructive coping mechanisms, which are merely band aids for our pain.

We are a society that is, and has always been ruled by emotional pain, with most silently suffering through depression, panic attacks, anxiety, feeling empty, etc, while putting up facades they deem necessary to survive in the culture we’ve cultivated. A culture deeply rooted in living life, a spiritual experience, as a physical experience that needs validation. This takes amazing strength that’s more than enough, when redirected, to face the challenge of emancipating from enslaving thoughts, and battling back to the peace within. One of the most important steps in all this, which is impossible to overestimate, is consciously choosing and committing to peace from within. This means commitment to consciously setting boundaries for conditional loving, judgmental thoughts of life, which realigns our freewill to being peace warriors, a familiar state. It’s of course the same freewill that we’ve resigned to enslaving thoughts, and therein lies the challenge in the battle of thoughts within, because it’s our freewill VS our freewill. But, I speak from experience when I say we are amazingly adaptive beings that adapt to the person we choose to be.

When as adults we don’t break the emotional pain cycle, our innocent children, the future, bear the burden. They are the victims, and they will always be the victims if we “big people”, as my daughter used to say, especially parents, don’t embrace the challenge of emancipating from enslaving thoughts that wreck havoc on our mental health. We are all powerful warriors, able to overcome any mental health misfortune our nurturing bestowed upon us. All over the world, our children need us to love from inside out. Unconditionally/non judgmentally, setting boundaries for conditional/judgmental love within and without. We cannot teach what we don’t know, nor give what we don’t have.